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The Day The Pubs Ran Dry
Dafen Welsh School Sign

Dafen School‏

Thank you Lucy Littler for your creative work, looking fantastic in Dafen School Hall.

The Bridge Restaurant

The Bridge Restaurant

The commission was to paint the company mission statement on one of the restaurant walls. My team and I took a weekend on this exciting project and received good results that the owners loved.

B910 Bar Menu

The B910 restaurant had a number of blackboards that required daily chalk signage to show the company daily menus.
Bar menu sign
Elim Community Church Ammanford

Elim Community Church Ammanford

Lucy totally understood what we were looking for and did a GREAT job. We were very pleased and will make use of her artistic gift again.

The origin of sign writing. . .

The English signwriting tradition has a venerable history, but in the computer age it has almost died out – there are very few working signwriters left in the 21st century.

Designs are often created by hand on the drawing board. The final execution is made by hand using brushes known as quills and similar signwriting ‘pencils’ and chiseled brushes. Specialist enamels are also employed to fashion a long-lasting finish along with the traditional use of gold leaf.

Historically, signwriters drew or painted signs by hand using a variety of paint depending on the background i.e. enamel paint for vehicles and general signs, and water-based paints for short-term window signs.

Myself I like to work with chalk, charcoal, quills.

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